We are excited about Rising Light Ridge's 2nd summer camp season! This summer  Rising Light Ridge (RLR) is looking to hire young people to come and spend 8 weeks to come, learn, experience community, and share faith, hope and love. This summer will be an opportunity to come and help be part of RLR’s programming. We are looking to hire camp counselors, support, cooking, and leadership staff. 

Program Director (Age 23+) – The summer camp director will work closely with the Leadership Team to create schedules, implement plans, support campers and staff, and to oversee all of the details at happen during a day at summer camp.

Assistant Director (Ages 20+) The assistant director will work closely with the Program Director in the delivery of the day to day operations of summer camp.

Camp Counselor (Ages 18-25) - A camp counselor will be many things during their time on staff at Rising Light Ridge. They will be part of a community that help campers and staff see each other through God’s eyes. Responsibilities will be playing, teaching, listening, loving, compromising, waiting, and sharing each week.  They will be the hands and feet of Christ bringing hope, faith, and love.

Music Team (Ages 18-25) –A music team staff member will take the lead in all things related to music. This will include creating set lists for the summer, scheduling of music related activities, playing and singing music, working with fellow staff members to deliver worship throughout the day.

Activities Specialist (Ages 18-25) –An Activities Specialist will lead all areas of specialty activities. Whether it be ropes course, archery, or aquatics these people are so important to the fun and safety of other staff and campers.

Support Staff (Ages 18-25) – A support staff member will be a small group that operate as the power that allows summer camp to move and make things happen. These individuals will help with positioning of activities, set up, and tear down areas, keep areas clean, serve as part of the food service team, and be certified to help lead specialized programming.. 

Food Service (Age 18+)– A food service member will be part of a team of individuals that prepare food each day. These individuals will be trained in food safe practices and will also be familiar with campers and staff members food allergies.

Healthcare Professional – The Healthcare Professional will be directly responsible for the overall health and wellness of campers and staff each week. This person will distribute medications, track and log all of the things that happen during a week of camp. Must be a RN or Physician.

Media Staff (Ages 18-25) - Leads our media team with enthusiasm, clear direction, and loves the Lord. Loves the idea of making schedules, keeping content organized, and creating clear task management. 

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